“It’s time to give consumers more power, knowledge and control when selling, buying or renting their home”


Soon after publication of the book, it became obvious that actual sellers, buyers and renters were only interested in the one process they were embarking on. Thus, the author, understanding the time pressures of relocation, extracted from the book the key points of each process and created three Consumer Guides that allow the reader to quickly understand and grasp how to maximize each step of the process.


Sales of All Things REAL ESTATE through Amazon and Barnes & Noble were brisk, and reader feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Those buyers who went on to actually sell, buy or rent their home said the knowledge they gained gave them a sense of control and enabled them to successfully meet their objectives. The Consumer Guides produced similar results, as seen in testimonials appearing in each Guide. Testimonials from industry leaders



The Hall Institute of Real Estate developed this name and concept that embodies all of the elements that are necessary to make sure every home seller, buyer or renter gets the maximum benefit from their Consumer Guide by dealing with a real estate firm with designated agents selected and trained to partner with their seller, buyer or renter by (1) orienting them how to maximize their Guide’s effectiveness to reach all their objectives, and (2) being with them at every step of the process, providing in-depth backup knowledge and experience and that all important personal touch.



  • Attract and retain serious home sellers, buyers and renters.
  • Build customer trust and loyalty.
  • Attract and retain the best agents by supporting their business goals.
  • Dramatically increase agent performance with:

Home Sellers: Consistently getting competitively priced listings, Teaming with the seller to make the sale, Keeping the sale together after offer accepted, Effectively preparing the seller for a no-surprise closing.

Home Buyers: Educating them on current market conditions and how to buy smart, Assisting them with mortgage pre-approval to support quick offer acceptance, inspiring buyer loyalty, Positioning their offer against competition, Managing contract-to-closing details, including inspections, financing, title/escrow, insurance, and more.

SMALL Investment – BIG Return

The average start-up order contains 100 Consumer Guides, made up of 50 Selling, 40 Buying, and 10 Renting, along with one or two All Things REAL ESTATE books. The average cost for all this is less than $135.00. That’s all that is required to get started.

We Welcome You to Evaluate The Power of Partnering

We are convinced that The Power of Partnering will become an indispensable part of your firm’s culture and a success driver unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. And we can provide you everything you need to thoroughly evaluate the program, including: the Book, All Things REAL ESTATE, the three Consumer Guides, examples of Program Marketing Aids, Realtor/Owner Orientation Guide, and Price List/Order Form for Book and Guides.

The first step is your no obligation evaluation of The Power of Partnering Program. We believe that you will appreciate how it can advance your business by providing your firm a distinct competitive advantage in you market area.

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